On Phemale-Centrics we discuss all things Phish from a woman's point of view. Join us as we interview Phish's community members, play games like "Market Price" and discuss the latest goings on in the Phish scene, both on-line and on Lot! Your host is Dawneebee and a rotating cast of her phriends including Jillian, Kristie, Merry & Baker!

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    Ep 18 - Jay Blakesberg

    Dawneebee interviews Jay Blakesberg who is one of the music industry’s most sought-after rock photographers, known for capturing the explosive energy of the live music experience, as well as the intimate moments that happen offstage. He photographed Phish since 93' and the Grateful Dead for over 30 years! His work has been published in preeminent books and magazines – including Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, Vanity Fair, Esquire and Relix among others.

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    Ep 17- Part 2- Things Are True That I Forget

    Join Dawneebee, Jill and Jason as they chat about this Fall Phish tour and some other fun stuff! Ryan Callisto calls in and tell a great story about the Dark Side of the Moon show in November of 98' and then joins Dawnee and Jill I a game of Market Price.

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    Ep 16- Benny St. Clair- Lead guitar for Pardon Me Doug

    Join Dawneebee, Kristie and Jason for a great interview with the lead guitar player for the Portland, ME based Phish cover band, Pardon Me Doug! Hear Benny and Dawnee sing "If I Could" together! Enjoy one of Benny's original songs, Inspiration and more. Afterwards, play along with everyone's favorite Phish game show Market Price!

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    EP15 - Pam Heywood- Artist & Designer

    Join Dawneebee, Merry and Baker for a fun interview with Pam Heywood! Pam creates the candid portraits she calls “Scenes from a Crowd”. Beautiful paintings using mixed media that really capture that moment of joy! Join us after the interview to hear us all play our game show Market Price!

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    Ep 14- Mike Finoia- Comedian, Host of Amigos Podcast

    Join us for a fun interview with Osiris's newest pod-caster, comedian Mike Finoia! On Amigos podcast, Mike who is a stand-up comedian, producer for Impractical Jokers, and a self-proclaimed music freak invites friends, colleagues, and special guests from all walks of the entertainment world to discuss music, comedy, & everything in between. He also happens to be a huge Phish Head! With over 230 shows under his belt, Dawneebee, Kristie and Jason get into some great storytelling, including Mike's incredible friendship with Ken Kesey. Join in after the interview for an exciting round of Market Price!!

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    Ep13- Taraleigh Weathers- How To Rock Your Life!

    Dawneebee & Kristie interview the amazing light that is Taraleigh Weathers. Taraleigh wrote the book How to Rock Your Life: Maintain the Magic of Live Music in Your Everyday Experience. A few chapters in this book include, Achieve Self-Care Superhero Status, Take the Highway to the Awesome Zone and Become a Manifesting Unicorn!
    She also owns a retreat center in Vermont with her husband where they hold amazing weekend retreats. One of them is entitled Wild Women Retreat! She is launching the Conscious Party Animal Coalition which is an online membership program for people who want support living the live music lifestyle and a healthy one at the same time. That’s starting this fall. Join us for an intriguing conversation and follow up with a quick round of our game show Market Price!

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    Ep 12- Blue Balls- A Post Curveball Report

    Join Dawneebee, Baker and Jason as we laugh (now that the tears have subsided of course...we are human!) our way through the loss of our beloved Curveball. We tell our pre, mid, post stories plus speak with Nicole Heard who came all the way in from Maui for the festival. Afterwards we play a mini-Market Price!

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    Ep11- Curveball Pregame

    Quick preview of what the Phemale-Centrics and Osiris crew will be up to at Curveball!

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    Ep- 10- Carl Gerhard- Giant Country Horns

    Join Dawneebee and Kristie for an intriguing interview with the one and only Carl Gerhard! Carl grew up with Page and has been playing trumpet with Giant Country Horns and as a guest for Phish since 1988! Listen in as Carl shares old stories including Page & Carl's battle of the bands in high school and how they got their pink tuxedos for the July 1991 shows.

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    Ep 9- Part 1: The Jenny Chadbourne Experience

    I met Jenny Chadbourne virtually through a Facebook Phish group that we are in. After reading her "about me" section on her page, I knew we had to have her on Phemale-Centrics! This women has been deeply part of the scene since 1994 and has continued to have a very interesting life. So much so that this is merely part 1 of the Jenny Chadbourne experience. Kristie is my co-host and talk old school lot, the Grateful Dead fan transition and everything in between. Afterwards, Jason joins us to host yet another hilarious installment of Market Price!

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