On Phemale-Centrics we discuss all things Phish from a woman's point of view. Join us as we interview Phish's community members, play games like "Market Price" and discuss the latest goings on in the Phish scene, both on-line and on Lot! Your host is Dawneebee and a rotating cast of her phriends including Jillian, Kristie, Merry & Baker!

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    Ep 30: Part 2- Benjy Eisen

    Part 2 of the Benjy Eisen interview! Benjy shares with us some intimate details of his experience at the GD50 shows while co-writing Bill Kreutzmann’s biography Deal. We round out this episode with Benjy talking about the Phish Studies conference in OR where he was a keynote speaker!

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    Ep 29: Part 1- Benjy Eisen

    Join Dawneebee & Baker for part 1 of a very interesting interview with Benjy Eisen! Benjy has been published in Rolling Stones, Relix and co-wrote Bill Kreutzmann’s biography entitled Deal~ My Three Decades Of Drumming, Dreams & Drugs with the Grateful Dead. In part 1, hear how Benjy got into the Phish scene, started the first Harry Hood chant, hooked up with Bill to write his biography and formed a deep connection with him.

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    Ep. 28- Brooke Hancock~ The funky sunglass lady~ Shopbabacool

    Join Dawneebee and meet a new co-host, Wild Women Lauren! Lauren shares her Phishtory and some stories and we interview Brooke Hancock of Brooke hand makes those funky sunglasses that spell out Phish songs and quotes. Trey and his daughter Bella own a few pair! Hear her journey, how she met Bella dn got into the Phan Art scene!

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    Ep 27- Part 3- Things Are True That I Forget- Chicago GD 50 Show Adventure- Dedicated to our Little Guy

    Join us for another installment of story time! Part 3 of Things Are True That I forget dives deep into the intimate, emotional, raucous adventure of Dawneebee and Jason's trip to see Trey lead The Grateful Dead for their 50th Anniversary in Chicago. Listen how they turned the loss of their baby, Little Guy, into a heart binding that, in the end, paved way for their rainbow baby Cassidy! This story involves heartbreak, a Mustang, Hunter S.Thomas, a Scarlet Begonias love fest and many more shenanigans!

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    Ep 26: Ghosts Of The Forest Review!!

    Dawneebee reviews the opening night of Ghosts Of The Forest from front row! Join us for an intimate review of this very special side project that Trey Anastasio put together in honor of the passing of his best friend Chris Cottrell. Dr. Stephanie Jenkins, a Maine native who flew in for the show and is an assistant professor in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion at Oregon State University calls in and shares her thoughts on the show from an existentialist point of view.

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    Ep25- Phamily Feud~ 1 yr Anniversary Show!

    Join the whole crew for this hilarious episode of Phrmale-Centrics! We celebrate our 1 yr anniversary with the whole gang and some guest playing the Phamily Feud!

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    Ep23 - Mexico Review w/ Tova Alize!

    Baker and Dawneebee review the Mexico Riveria shows with Tova Alize who ran the Mexico Phish Facebook group and attended the shows. Listen as Tova shares some of the on the scene stories and we talk discuss the shows!

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    Ep22 - Scott Marks from & The Mockingbird Foundation

    Dawneebee, Kristie and Snakey interview's Scott Marks! Scott has been an integral part of the Phish community for years. He live Tweets during shows and provides set list on the go. Scott also is on the board of the Mockingbird Foundation, helping to raise money for children's music programs. After the interview, join us for our game show Market Price!

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